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Louisa Turchet - Silvano's Mobile Prosecco Bar & Patisserie

Louisa Turchet – Director


We could start with ‘Louisa has an abundance of customer service experience and she is ambitious… etc, etc’ but that’s boring!


Keeping all the professionalism aside, Louisa has a passion for Snowboarding having visited and worked in many ski resorts across the world from France to Canada. It’s alright for some!


Out of the two sisters, Louisa is more of the Italian side, takes after papa Sil, and helps that she has a degree in Business in Italian (although you’d never know she has a degree!!).


So she has an eye and passion for the family feel and taste of the right Prosecco and patisserie that is being served so everyone can taste the beauty of our Italian heritage.


So, if Louisa could choose her favourites…

Favourite Prosecco Cocktail: Negrone sbagliato

Favourite Patisserie: Sfogliatella

Emilia Turchet – Director


Although the younger of the two, most would agree that Emilia is the sister with the common sense!


Starting her career as a Makeup Artist, she then transferred into sales where she uses her finely tuned skills to persuade companies to part with their money.


Her greatest passion however is boxing!


She’s trained at the best clubs in Nottingham, competed in amateur boxing fights and now runs her own Boxfit classes.


But her biggest achievement, little Silvano of course ????


Favourite Prosecco Cocktail: Limoncello Spritzer

Favourite Patisserie: Papa Sil’s Tiramisu 

Hispanic waitress serving two plates of salad in a restaurant

Big Sil – Maestro dei Panettieri


The main man where the name of the WHOLE business came from……Papa Silvano.


A man of very few words, Papa Sil is the baker of the family who will be creating a ‘Patisserie of the Month’ which will match the time of year as well as using his own secret Italian recipe’s.


In his previous life he worked in aviation engineering, building aircraft and occasionally flying them (hopefully he knows where the handbrake is on the Routemaster).


As a hobby he’s passionate about cars, driving them, modifying them and building them…..Italians hey!


These days you will either find him in the gym or in the kitchen baking away with….wait for it… Little Silvano!


Yes, you heard me right, we have two Silvano’s in the house!


Lil Sil is Emilia’s little man and he just stands there looking pretty but has promised to be a security man and he’s happy for his salary to contain plenty of cakes and ice cream…..DEAL!


So Big Sil’s choices would be…

Favourite Prosecco Cocktail: Man doesn’t drink cocktails…..he’s too manly!

Favourite Patisserie: Classic Sfogliatella

Mamma Dawn – The Ice Queen


Mamma Dawn, or Dawny as we mostly call her, is the English rose who makes the BEST Ice Cream we’ve ever tasted in our lives. True Story!


Her past life was as a Beauty Therapist, professional mum and housewife and most recently as a Carer.


Her inappropriate sense of humour is second to none and always guarantees to a) embarrass her daughters and b) have everyone in stiches.


And for her drink and patisserie of choice…


Favourite Prosecco Cocktail: This one is a ‘Mocktail’ kinda bird….she likes the Mojitos without the rum which in our opinion is a crime against the mint!

Favourite Patisserie: Pistacchio Cannoli

Hispanic waitress serving two plates of salad in a restaurant
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