About The Bus


Hispanic waitress serving two plates of salad in a restaurant

This is the where the fun begins, with the conversion of an iconic London red bus into a stylish and completely mobile prosecco bar and patisserie for hire.


The Bus


Once upon a time we found the most beautiful 1968 Leyland AEC Routemaster RML that gave us the base to create a centre piece for any occasion and event.


Although neither of us had ever driven a bus, when we saw this beauty we knew it was the one and all throughout the renovation process, we’re still stunned at how lovely this classic vehicle is. A true British masterpiece.


From Rags to Riches


Although the vehicle is rich in historic British travel and classic design, it is a little rugged around the edges, all the edges, and open spaces… well rough everywhere to be honest!


We felt it deserved a special touch to bring the magic back to life and ready for luxurious activities and events. So, we’ve undertaken many months of planning, design and elbow grease to make this vehicle the perfect statement bar for any high end event to create a fabulous memory or two.


Visit our blog to see how the full story of the Cinderella conversion unfolds!




Here you’ll find the Prosecco Bar and Patisserie, serving fantastic fizz, delicious Italian patisserie and Mamma’s home made Gelato through the windows to the outside area where you and your guests can relax and enjoy all the delights our bus has to offer.


Onboard the lower deck we have seating for 6 on this level so you can observe the bar activity whilst taking the weight off your feet.




Climb the stairs and enter our chill out lounge where you will find a beautiful hard wood floor and leather seating.


From this privileged, high level vantage point, you can kick back, relax and look out on to the party below.


Planning a wedding, a party or corporate event, don’t miss the bus! Call us now on 07595 765 290 or…